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Mod Podge Sparkle 8 Oz.

8 Oz. sPARKLE Mod Podge . CS11211.. Add extra glitter, sparkle and pizazz. Apply multiple coats to achieve extra glitz and glamour. Perfect for fashion, jewelry and holiday projects. 8 oz.


sPARKLE Mod Podge: Do you want Sparkle Mod Podge with added Humph? Because that’s what this is! This finish contains ultra-fine glitter and Loads of it . . . so you wouldn’t want to put it over a paper or fabric where you want to see fine detail. It looks great on all colours of surfaces but best on anything dark because the glitter really pops. I also love it on a glittered glass. Result: Amazingly glittery finished surface that looks best on dark surfaces. Think “galaxy themed!”, Adding sparkle to darker designs

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